Fee Policy

The Fee policy was created because there needs to be transparency about the components that influence the total costs. Companies need to know what needs to be taken into account to avoid any surprises later. If there are still any ambiguities regarding the parts, you can always contact us via the HFFIA telephone number +31703649191 or by an email to directie@halal.nl.

The Halal fees for one production site:

(Sub) Total fixed costs and fees.

Components Frequency
Fixed contractual costs  
4.1 Rate per site Yearly
4.2 Halal Logo Yearly
Variable costs: screening, audits, Audits  
4.3 Back office and administration Yearly
4.4 Fee monitoring and Audit Yearly
4.5 Audit Hours Variable
4.6 Accommodation, food and travel expenses Yearly
4.7 Amount of Products Yearly
4.8 Costs Certificates Variable

Fixed contractual costs

1. Rate per site: This is a fixed rate for every site/location. In case there are multiple sites, the fixed rate will be multiplied by the amount of sites.

2. Halal Logo: This is a fixed rate for the use of the Halal logo. The HFFIA Logo (number) is location specific. The corresponding Logo code of the applicant shall be mentioned on the HFFIA certificate.

Variable costs: Screening, Audits & Certificates

3. Back office and administration: The Back-office and administration have been calculated on basis of a minimum number of hours per month. These are the number of hours needed to screen all the ingredients and products on Halal integrity.

4. Fee monitoring and Audit: These are all the surveillance activities needed to monitor the entire process. This includes client or cleaning audits for example. A Islamic Institution e.g. MUI (The Majlis Ulema Indonesia), JAKIM (Malaysian) or any Legal Halal accreditation Authority and or any other Halal Authority reserves the right to conduct an audit at the production site together with HFFIA. The expenses regarding accommodation, food, travel and the audit fee for the auditors must be paid by the applicant or producer.

5. Audit Hours: These are variable costs which depend on the amount of hours used to perform the audit. Complex audits require more hours than simple ones. So the total costs for this subject can only be given afterwards. The audit costs will be calculated based on a basic standard cost of 6 hours per time per site. Extra hours will be charged.

6. Accommodation, food and travel expenses: These are variable costs. The total amount depends on what kind of accommodation is booked and especially when it is arranged. Food and travel expenses does not include private shopping, only the main meals and trips used to visit every site. Accommodation, food and travel expenses shall be arranged and paid upfront by the applicant. The travel time will be planned beforehand with the company and invoiced as agreed.     

7. Amount of Products: There is a fixed rate for the first 5 products. After these 5 products the costs  depend on the number of extra products on the certificate.

8. Costs Certificates: These are the Costs per issued Halal certificate. You pay a certain amount per Halal Certificate per consignment. The postage cost shall be paid by receiver. It can be required by customs that an original Halal certificate must be included in the export documents for each consignment. For export to the KSA an additional 1000 Riyals needs to be paid to SFDA.